Hot Topic

A Hot Topic is an editorial review of a recent audit method or a recent audit development which we think should get a more in depth focus. We would like to offer this forum to our clients and readers to share knowledge, provoke thoughts and last but not least to discuss how to leverage those methods and developments in our clients’ advantage.

Upcoming Hot Topic editions:

  • Software Asset Management
  • Auditing IT Service Provider
  • Business Continuity (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
  • Service Level Agreements

If you are interested in contributing a professional guest article for further debate, please us and share your topic. We will post your articles in *.pdf format only, but we need to ask you to send your article in MS Word format for publishing purposes. Compliance with copyright laws is authors’ responsibility as all articles are designated for public use. We are looking forward to your active participation as we would like to facilitate a professional exchange of ideas, views and opinions on our website.


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