Billing Model

Driving individual solutions for continuous improvement, we believe in the value we create for our customers. Audit Department operates on a cost base approach and wants to earn a share of the value created for our customers. There is no “out of the box” pricing for our work, but we are willing to offer you a kind of pricing model to ensure transparency for our clients at any time.

There have been a lot of discussions regarding billing models and billing issues in the past. Audit Department is following the thoughts of lawyer Bruce MacEwan who published on his website in 2005 ( his views on the role that project management techniques can have on the profession:

“Eventually, the “billable hour” will go the way of the Ford Model T (just a curious novelty from the past). Why? Because that’s what corporate clients really want. They want certainty in billing because that’s what they need for internal budgeting purposes. Law firms will continue to resist until they are forced by their large corporate clients to accept it. The smart law firms will get ahead of their clients and accept …offer… flat fees for each project, with a “change option” for unplanned situations.”

Professional service providers do this now with a detailed “Statement of Work” that is created by the service provider and the client. It lays out what will be done and when, the number and level of human resources devoted to the project (times the number of hours each person will devote to completing the project, times their hourly rates), and additional costs (travel, copying, etc.). The end result is a budget that is agreed on by both sides. Any changes to the “assumptions” will result in a change in the final cost of the project.

Each of our service offerings are depending on our customers needs. Normally our contracts are solution based, so if you need to fill a resource gap in your internal audit team, we could offer you an end-2-end solution form scoping and fieldwork to report writing in that particular expertise area you need. The products we individually deliver for you (e.g. policy development, templates, whitepapers, training material) will be individually priced in upfront agreement with you. You can book our expertise for a day (e.g. Workshops, facilitation and lectures) and you can also agree with us short term (up to 45 days of commitment), midterm (up to 6 month) and long term (up to 18 month) assignments.

All our contracts have short term termination clauses. It is your business needs and your satisfaction that leads to our success. To avoid any misunderstanding upfront, we are not a body shop agency. With Audit Department, you agree to particular expertise and skill sets that you buy into your internal department.

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